Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
The point why Im doing this shit right now is because this stupid diary servis wants to kick me out from the active users or something. So while I need to do this note let me tell a little bit about Louisiana.

At very first I was so pissed when realised that we are playing on the spring break week. Cuz almost all my friends and just guys with whom I'm hanging out sometimes wanted to go somewhere on the south and particular in Miami. So I thought my break was ruined, however that was much much better than I expected. No that was HELLIRIOUS!!! We went (we I mean me, my fucking tennis team and my coaches) to Louisiana first in New Orleans and then in the universities in the middle of nowhere. But New Orleans... hell it is fucking amazing!!! I've never seen something like this and sure that this city is unic. Ok not whole city but French quoter. It is hard to explain but its tiny stinky streets with one-two-three floors houses, its music on the streets and of course jazz, its varies of cuisines (luckelly I didn't pay for my meals))), ghosts' stories and my favourite small shops where you can find everything connecting with death. In fact this place has just a cult of death and this is the most charming stuff I've ever seen (Dir en Grey videos does not count). I' not the best story teller ever but just belive me that you would never forget this atmosphere!

Oh also, excluding New Orleans, I had three good matches and sun tan and bunch of unuseful but pleasant stuff. So I could be complitely happy if I shouldn't write two essays tomorrow and then go to school. Life still sucks. And happy to save my diary of course:vict:

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