Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
vse nadoelo! vse eti bezkonechnye razgovory o gluboko vnutrennem mire, unikalnosti i ume - BULLSHIT! bullshit predumannyj nenuzhnymu nikomu devkami! nu i chto chto von tu suku vse ljubyat - zato ya blin lichnost'! nahuj vsem sdalas' tvoya lichnost', tvoi uvlecheniya i t.d. U menya uzhe net sil nosit' rozovye ochki - nado prosto prinyat' i uspokoitsya. obtyanytaya zhopa i siski na rastopyrku vsegda pereb'jut samyj luchshij so vkusom podobrannyj naryad; hihikan'ya i dealogi v stile DOM 2 namnogo interesnej disskusii o tvorchestve Pixey; devchachie uzhimki i piski mily a zhelanie pomoch pochenit' velik pochti prestuplenie! YA TAK NE MOGU! POCHEMU NE BUDUCHI LUSBIYANKOJ YA VYNUZHDENA KAZHDYJ DEN' STALKIVAT'SYA SO VSEM ETIM!!!! inogda mne hochetsya prosto vyrezat' levoe polusharie mozga i tozhe radovat'sya shenochkam, "tomu hot-hot-hot parnju iz 3 metra", i flirtovat' so vsemi podryad! zachem mne vobshe eta golova esli ot nee odni nepriyatnosti??????
eto kakoj to ad i nikakogo prosveta... pochemu v etom parshivom mire esli tee nuzhen uspeh ty dolzhen byt' extrovertom???? da ya blyad' hochu vsporot' zhivot 90% ljudej vokug i mne srat' na to "what's your major and which music are you listening to"! people are just incredibly stupid but i belive there are several who are fine but FUCK I AM NEVER GONNA FIND THEM CUZ I'M FUCKING ITERVERT!!!!! how many times i tried to tell myself "fuck all of them Tash - live your life, you don't need anybody". but apperently i do! i can't live in civiliation and dont talk to anybody. on the island - you're welcome; Chicago - forget it. and actually i kind of want somebody to care about me, a person i can rely on but FOR ME IT IS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ONE! it sounds like a time for suicide? yea but i like to exist to much to end it with my own hands, and I still have a tiny little hope that some day (yea in fucking 50 years) i'll find somebody. yea it's like a chance to win a National lottery - theoretically you can do it; you even can start planning where you gonna spend all those money (as one of my idiot friends does) but you NEVER-MOTHERFUCKING-EVER GONNA WIN IT! and there is noothing funny about this whole situation. sometimes i just want go on the street and start cutting people untill they will put me in a jail and exicute. at least that would be fun.

also i hate how all those soft-hearted cunts care about children in Africa, enviroment, blue wheles and all that crap, particulary hate those kids in Africa. why the hell i need to care about them and feed them? let them die or better kill them if you wanna be humanistic. and kill every nigga that raped sold drugs or kill somebody (you know when i was writing the word "nigga" i was thinking should i do it or should i not! THAT'S WHAT THEY DID TO ME! I CAN'T EVEN CALL NIGER A NEGER CUZ IT UNPOLITE! FUCK YOU AND YOUR DIVERSITY CRAP! i don't wannna be a nazi intentially cuz i hate everybody in general but if you know that all those negro-black shit is commiting 90% of all crimes in US and you still say that we are all equal???????? what are you, a genius?!!! and the worst thing that everyday i have to meet all of this in my life. everywhere i go it;s either some social comercial or aggitation or smth which is hipnotizing me and forcing to give them EVEN MORE RIGHTS EVEN MORE AGVANTAGES BECAUSE THEY WERE SLAVES 150 YEARS AGO??????????????? WHAT? Russians slavary was canceled in the same year with americans and guess what: USA had slaves from another continent which were muchmuchmuchmuch lower developed mentaly than their masters; in Russia they used RUSSIAN PEOPLE AS SLAVES! THAT IS BAD NOT YOUS FUCKEN "AFROAMERICAN EXPERIENCE"! and by the way descendants of those "poor-poor slaves" right now are driving Camarro's and smocking weet with bithces when their "free fathers" in Africa are dying!!!!!! oh why humans are so stupid?

seriously how the humanity still didn't destroy itself when 99% of the populations are living eat-sleep-fuck life and 1% are fucking bastards? no i'm pretty sure i will have a pleasure to see this civilization dying. and that's the only thing that cheers me up right now. and before that moment i want to live a high quality life and longer than anybody else so i can see them dying in agony.

p.s. seems like the only place i can be truly honest (except an everyday-conferences in my head) is this lame diary, which nobody is reading. and conversations with Di. but ever with her i probably seem more positive than i actually am.

@темы: am i a student or fucken terrorist???

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어제는 역사이고 내일은 알 수 없는 미스테리며 오늘은 선물이다. Отпечатки наших пальцев на жиз
О боже Натсуми О_О Кажется тебя так все конкретно заебали.
Если будет время позвони мне, нам надо поговорить

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Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
ok prosto v zhizni stol'ko vran'ya vokrug! nenavizhu lozh. da nado pogovorit' za zhizn'