Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
fuck fuck fuck am i ever will have a chance to have fun???!!! EVER???????

seems like every time i want to go out or do something there is assignment or exam or tournament or practice.... NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHY? if i'm not enjoying my life now, when then? at the age of 80 during the retirement? perfect!

ok the latest update: had a concert on Wednesday, bought tickets a month ahead, wanted to go with friends. One day before the concert getting a text from my coach assistant says that we are leaving on Wednesday night! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? i was waiting for this event for so long, probably the last thing that helped me to deal with all this crap and now... i'm just totally doomed. and I have no idea how will i handle these 2 month of the semester that are left.

that's interesting that i'm writing everything to the diary only. there is now way i'm going to post it somewhere else but here cuz i don't want people to know how bad i am feeling. 99% of my "friends" will be happy about it. people like to watch other suffering, so do I. and you know what's the best part - i'll get over it, as i always do. there is no way i can back up right now. it's all bullshit that we are free persons, can choose our path bla-bla-bla.... no. whatever you choose once, you have to stuck with it otherwise - failer. not always of course but it's just proving my point.

btw i'm really into "Lie to me" show. main character is so hot (Tim Roth)! some guys have to become old to be hot. and i'm slowly realizing that i like "sugardaddys". too bad. means to find myself a proper man i have to live in this world without one for at least 10 years more.

well guess what? have to go back to study now. what a surprise.

oh and one more thing: i talked to the academic adviser today and he said in the best case only about 40 credits of mine are transferring. and I need 128... it is a disaster:hang:

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