Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
So, after I was crying about my boring life for two month - hallelujah! - we went out. And went out not just in the club but some crazy-ass-fancy-place, even two. Fake IDs, face control, entrance fee, and still one of the girls had to know the guy so they let us in. I wouldn't say it wasn't fun but at the same time kind of awkward. I'm not a big fan of going out with a people i see first time in my life, although they are pretty cool. May be too. And also I didn't drink enough. Well at least it didn't affect me. One more thing: I am tired of being big, not cute girl. Always among, for example, me and my tiny teammate, guys would always start to talk with her. ALWAYS! Whatever bullshit she say - it's all cute and funny. I just can't be like this. It is not questionable that tiny big boobs chicks would get their portion of attention but not every time, everywhere with everyone!!!!! There are should be some exclusions! Otherwise I have no idea what to do. And it's not like I'm a completely ugly girl or a total fat-ass (although I would drop like 5 kilos) or a hike - no, definitely not so bad. But I feel like somebody cursed me. At least after moving to Chicago. Males completely ignore me all the time, and it is so tough to get used to it. No I don't want to get used to it!!!! Finding an ugly girlfriend to go out with her is not an option too and never was. May be it's just a virus or smth called "Unsociolism" that I've got?...

However, I'm glad I went out, I'm glad I met those people even if we didn't really get along with each other it still was fun. I missed dancing.

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