Я единственный нормальный человек на этой планете. А еще я пытался себя убить!©DJN
So lately I was thinking about the life in general, our motivations and goals. Personally, the biggest thing I am afraid of is that it's gonna get worse. In theory, world is moving forward so do we. The Quality of Life should become better every day. But unfortunately nobody can guarantee that.

As long as you're getting use to better food, clothes, entertainment how would you consider going back to black?

And this thought scares me every time I have it. Thinking about the past is usually pleasant because your bad memories fade much faster than good ones (or may be I am just a more positive person that I imagined). But I am not consider a possibility of going back to where I started. Sure, I am not the one...

Basically, the only one idea that keep us running is a hope for better. You either hope or commit suicide. It's like in the chess match: when to maters are playing and one see that he's gonna loose for sure he stops. Which totally make sense. Why wasting everybody's time?

Of course, that is radical and I think I am s strong enough person to keep fighting till the end. However, I am expecting the positive changes in my life soon and I have a right to do so. Fingers crossed ;-)

@музыка: Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack

@темы: I wrote it instead of going to the gym, crawling through time, playing smart